KFC Mini Cricket keeps kids active

Cricket is far more than just a game, its an excellent way in which kids can stay active. KFC Mini-Cricket is arguably one of the best sporting initiatives in South Africa and it is my pleasure to share some reasons why you should be encouraging your kids to play the game. KFC Mini-Cricket encourages young boys and … Continue reading KFC Mini Cricket keeps kids active


We got festive with Shinesty

Our most favourite family heirlooms are the memories of our family.    The festive period is our most favourite time of the year because its the longest space of uninterrupted time that we spend together, plus we always attend extraordinary holiday family events and celebrations. Family matching outfits are becoming a growing trend and I'm loving … Continue reading We got festive with Shinesty

BIC® ergonomically designed shavers for women

  NEW BIC® Miss Soleil disposable shavers, launched this spring, aimed at first time teen shavers and young women.   The art of shaving dates back many thousands of years, way back to the ancient Roman times.  It was brutal in those days having to use pumice stone to achieve a silky-smooth look.  Fast forward … Continue reading BIC® ergonomically designed shavers for women

Win: Nestle Nespray Fortigrow provides essential nutrients for school going childreni

Getting kids to eat healthy foods can feel like an insurmountable task, especially with our hectic lives. I am here to tell you that NESTLÉ NESPRAY FORTIGROW  is here to help, it is milk with a unique blend of essential vitamins, minerals and macro nutrients which is vital to ensuring healthy growing minds. Currently there is … Continue reading Win: Nestle Nespray Fortigrow provides essential nutrients for school going childreni

Protect your family with Dettol Profresh!

Just like reading and writing, children need to learn how to move!   An active lifestyle ensures healthy development for children and supports great quality of life – and this is nowhere more important than in how we bring up our children. We love the outdoors as family and you would often find us in the … Continue reading Protect your family with Dettol Profresh!

Win: Cadbury Festive Hamper

For it is in giving that we receive. - Francis of Assisi There's no place like home for this festive and what better way to be at home than to share some festive spirit than with Cadbury. Spruce up your festive gathering and spread Joy across your home with the limited-edition Cadbury Festive Collection. The range includes … Continue reading Win: Cadbury Festive Hamper

Festive Gifting ideas for kids

  If you're stuck on gift ideas for your little ones, don't worry. Here, I have a festive gift shopping ideas for the kids to make your life a little easier this festive season. With the festive season fast approaching, Hasbro, one of largest toy, game and entertainment experience companies, has released their anticipated 2018 list of suggested gifting solutions … Continue reading Festive Gifting ideas for kids