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Win with Ceres Juices

Ceres has launched its new 200ml packaging for modern lifestyle convenience


Ceres juices has been a firm favourite in my life. I remember my mum packing them with my lunch boxes in school and then as a teenager drinking Ceres Haanepoort variant with my sister in wine glasses pretending we were drinking wine.

Ceres, the innovative fruit-juice brand has launched a new packaging in March 2020 to meet the changing demands of the South African consumer lifestyle.

Ceres has invested R 100 million into the SIG Combismile a packaging solution that is the first of its kind in the Middle East and Africa region (EMA).

The new carton has a curved, modern shape which is easy to grip offering the consumer an easy and convenient way to enjoy the product on the go.

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Whether for travel or business, school lunch or homework, study break or a refreshing cool-down after a work-out at the gym, the new leak-proof Ceres 200ml is the perfect fit. “The easily recognisable package is designed to fit your lifestyle and is perfect to take with you wherever you go.” Says Beverly Wilson, Marketing Manager at Pioneer Foods.

Ceres Fruit Juices is committed to minimising and managing its environmental impact wherever possible, and so the new 200ml CombiSmile juice pack is made from sustainable plant-based packaging and hence is one of the most environmentally friendly packaging solutions currently available. The packs are recyclable and the layered carton includes plastic and cardboard with an inner foil to prevent oxidation.

“While the packaging is new, you can be assured of the same quality product – a juice serving that is flavourful and delicious” says Neethling.

Neethling concludes, “We are really excited to introduce the new packaging and offer our consumers something that is fresh, modern and in line with the superior craftsmanship they have come to expect from Ceres juices

Product Features

  • All Natural 100% pure fruit juice
  • No added sugar
  • No preservatives
  • No artificial colors
  • Great tasting
  • Gluten free
  • Rich in Vitamin C
  • Flash pasteurized to guarantee quality
  • Kosher for Passover all year round
  • Great option to get a recommended serving of fruit

In celebration of the Ceres Combismile I have five special Ceres hampers to giveaway containing:

2 Ceres branded Glasses and

1 x 6 pack ceres 200ml


Share with me your favourite Ceres juice variant with me?



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4 thoughts on “Win with Ceres Juices

  1. Ayesha Shaik says:

    My husband favorite flavour is Secrets of the Valley, I can remember buying this from such a long time ago and still tastes the same.


  2. Janine Brothers says:

    I just love their Apple Juice so much.


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