Barney Magnetic Drawing board

Barney Magnetic Board review

Barney Magnetic Drawing board

We just got our hands on the Barney Magnetic board and we love it so far. Keshav is a big Barney fan for a while now and was thrilled to see the Barney Magnetic board. I love this magnetic board as it is portable enough to carry along in the car or  take on holiday. The Barney magnetic scribbler is great for creativity on the go. By using the magnetic pen and shape stamps to draw fun pictures of all your favourite Barney and friends characters.


Barney board


Features of the Barney Magnetic Board

Colourful Large Board: The Magnetic Drawing Board comes in a bright purple, yellow,  and green colour. The board bright colours trigger your child’s interest and stimulates his curiosity towards colours. The large-size magnetic drawing board is roomy and allows your child to play with their imagination and creativity. The lightweight construction of the drawing board and its round edge handle makes it portable.

Development: Drawing, writing and playing games on the Barney magnetic drawing board using the stylus encourages your child’s creativity and helps them to learn how to express themselves visually. The Barney magnetic drawing board contributes to developing your child’s imagination and hands-on ability. 

Easy to Erase: The Barney magnetic drawing board features sliding eraser, allowing drawing to be quickly and easily erased. Your child only need to simply swipe back and forward to wipe out the doodle and start their new drawing. 

Stamps: The Barney magnetic drawing board has two stamps on it, one in the shape of a star and the other flower to add fun to the magnetic drawing board. The stamps can develop your child’s awareness of different shapes. With the help of the stamps, your child can have more drawing options and adds to the fun of this toy.

The Barney magnetic board is imaginative fun with no mess and we love it. Its suitable for ages 3+. The suggested retail price is R180 and is available from Lacey’s online, Game Toy Zone, Baby City and Makro.

For more information and great giveaways stay tuned to the Barney and friends South Africa Facebook page and the Barney and Friends website.

Keshav doodling on his Barney magnetic board

Keshav doodling on his Barney magnetic board


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    Nice blog. For an artist, a sturdy drafting board is as important as his drawing gear. It will surely help beginners to choose the best Drawing Table. The efforts you have put in to create the posts are quite interesting. Looking forward to seeing you soon in a new post.

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