Fifty seven percent of South African children have absent fathers, says a five-year study conducted by the Human Sciences Research Council (HSRC) and the South African Race Relations Institute (SARRI).

This study further asserts that “children growing up without fathers are more likely to experience emotional disturbances and depression.”

It is with this mind that OMO looks to the old African adage: “it takes a village to raise a child,” as inspiration for the brand’s digital campaign.

“At OMO, we do not look at modern parenting through a binary lens of only a mother and a father. We also recognise the fluid make up of modern families, the progressive choices each makes and the dynamics each one faces. That is why we understand that the individuals who support parents in the raising of children are the unsung heroes of our everyday life,” says Henry Muchauraya, Marketing Manager for Laundry, Unilever South Africa.

In an endearing piece of intuitive marketing, OMO launches a digital film that celebrates all parental figures who take an active role at parenting duties by acknowledging their contribution and thanking them for a job well done, despite the current challenges.

The brand takes this opportunity to celebrate the people who help raise children. OMO believes it is important to honour the Gogos, the uncles, same-sex families, the aunts and other important members of the family unit who act as parental figures.

“We really strive to make a difference and let families know that we understand who they are. We truly believe in the values of ubuntu, community and depicting progressive norms of all families. This campaign serves this belief as it tells the story of how OMO further celebrates parental figures of all forms and all walks of life,” adds Muchauraya. cites a study by Swedish researchers, which “highlights the benefits of an active father figure for reducing behavioral problems in boys and psychological problems in young women.

Swedish researchers found that regular positive contact reduces criminal behavior among children in low-income families and enhances cognitive skills like intelligence, reasoning and language development.”

As a brand firmly rooted in the belief that families grow healthier and stronger through time spent together, this study supports what OMO hopes to inspire in South African families through these various shared experiences, the magic of collective child-led activities and the celebration of parental figures who play an active role in the progressive parenting of a child.

Giveaway:  OMO Hamper to the value of R300 each.

When it comes to having fun, exploring their surroundings and learning through their experiences, children are bound to get dirty and that’s exactly why OMO believes that Dirt is Good. that your little ones can keep playing, and in turn, reach key milestones, shape their values, boost their confidence and reap the various benefits that Mother Nature’s earthy goodness brings.

Boy with leaves


To Win with Real Life Mum and OMO tell us how you and your family make dirt Good so you can enjoy more time playing with your family and less time worrying about the laundry. The hamper will include OMO products to the value of R300.


Competition closes 14 July 2018

Winner will be notified by social media inbox.

Prize will be delivered after 4-6 weeks.

Winner needs to reside in South Africa.

Prize needs to be claimed within 24 hours else another winner will be chosen randomly.



  1. edlyngretelkhan says:

    I taught my kids to have fun with dirt by helping me grow fruits vegetables and flowers in our garden in the way that we are having so much fun and in the future it will be benefits us. Love when they mashing dirt and splashing on their face and clothes thanks to omo we don’t have to worry about getting it clean again. ❤️❤️❤️

    Liked by 1 person

  2. judy padayachee says:

    l taught my kids not to be afraid of playing outdoors, that rolling on the grass and playing on sand is ok, fun and normal. Thats what kids do as part of growing up and not being cooped up indoors afraid of having fun. This makes them a beter parent when its their turn to parent and l always rely on OMO to get all the dirt and grime out. So l never ever stress about it.

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  3. ragmat Baron says:

    We make dirt good by spending as much time as we can outside having fun and getting dirty. With technology these days kids can get so encapsuled with their tablets etc that they actually enjoy the fresh air and having fun outside

    Liked by 1 person

  4. stephanie videira says:

    when my daughters are not at creche we spend most of the time in the garden, whether its planting vegetables in our veg garden or rolling around the grass or making mud cakes or playing in the sand pit, i have never made a issue of them getting their clothes dirty it is all part of exploring and learning and having fun, all we do when we done at the end of the day all dirty clothes in the wash with our trustee Omo washing powder and wham we have clean clothes again

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  5. Selona Govender says:

    We as a family believe dirt is good because every stain or messy experience is a memory. I encourage my boys to have fun outside and inside. Playing in mud, splashing about when it rains, sliding down the grassy hills, painting, helping me cook….. These activities make a mess, most of the time but it keeps my family happy and confident. And I have Omo to take care of the rest. #DirtIsGood

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  6. Anusha Naidoo says:

    The kids where never yelled at to be clean and tidy or nagged about being messy, they needed to learn experience enjoy the outdoors getting wet in rain and mud, messing hands with gardening soil when pots where being filled for planting, messed with grease or paint when grandad was fixing a car or painting. It’s all part of growing to have fun and laughter. That’s what childhood is about.

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  7. Rosintha Govender says:

    My kids are boys and we all know raising boys means lots of dirt. We love the outdoors so as a family we play outdoor sports, make trips to the beach and gardening. These activities keep my boys entertained for hours and this comes with loads of dirt. Muddy clothes, wet socks and dirty hands should be a part of every child’s life growing up. I enjoy these wonderful moments with them because i know when it comes to dirt, my trusted and reliable Omo will sort it out.

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