Epi-max baby & Junior

Review: Epi-max Emollient Moisturiser

Epi-max baby & Junior

Epi-max baby & Junior

I am excited to share my review of the Epi-max baby & junior with you. To be very honest, I never new about Epi-max until I was shopping for my hospital bag for Keshav’s birth. It was on the list for the hospital bag and I bought my first tub back in 2016. My first experience using the product was while we were in hospital the nurses gave us a little lesson on how to bath a baby using Epi-max Baby & Junior. She showed us how to bath the baby using Epi-max baby and Junior and to gently clean and moisturize baby skin.

I was initially surprised that Epi-max was a soap substitute. The nurse explained that it was gentle on baby and that the baby’s skin was extremely sensitive and we had to be cautious of what to put on it as it could cause a rash.



Epi-max® Baby & Junior is a gentle all-purpose moisturizer for babies and children. It can be used as a soap substitute that doubles up as a moisturiser and is gentle and mild enough to use from birth.

I enjoy using it after bath especially in the evenings, so I can massage it into my son’s skin as part of our bonding time.

When I use it on Keshav skin, it feels like a thick, protective layer protecting him all day long. I use the travel sized lotion in my nappy bag when we are travelling. As a mother, it is important to me that my child’s skin is healthy and well moisturized.

We are still using Epi-max baby & Junior on Keshav daily and I think I will be packing it in my next hospital bag too.


Some interesting facts:

  • Suitable for daily use by the whole family (from birth)
  • Hypo-allergenic, colourant- and fragrance-free
  • Can be used as a water-soluble soap substitute
  • No greasy feeling, just a rich texture when applied
  • Not tested on animals
  • Wide product range with convenient, appropriately sized packs
  • Well priced compared to international products with similar ingredients and benefits.

You can purchase Epi-max range from your local pharmacy, Dischem or Clicks.

The Epi-max baby & Junior range are products that I would endorse as I have used it for more than two years already and trust it to take care of my child’s skin.


Check out there Facebook page to learn more about this amazing brand.




7 thoughts on “Review: Epi-max Emollient Moisturiser

  1. Mrs FF says:

    Yep!!! I feel like I could have written this. Didn’t know about this range until I had a child. Then didn’t know I could use the cream as a soap. And for more than 2 years we used this exclusively for my Little lady.

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  2. Mrs FF says:

    And I had to come back to share more. So my new little one also has sensitive skin. Dr recommended ceta.phil Baby within three days his skin was drier than ever and flaking , I wanted to weep. decided to go back to my tried and tested method of using the epi-max junior and Baby moisturizer as a soap and cream. Within 24 hours his skin was looking totally different!! Whatever “Muti” is in epi-max works like magic 😆

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