Belt up

Belt up!


Do something today that your future self will thank you for… Go on, get a car insurance quote.

Car insurance is something you may think you never need until you actually get into an accident and only then do you realise its importance.

I have been a driver now for just over 17 years and I have been lucky only to have had one or two incidents in my driving tenure. I remember my very first accident, where I was in peak hour traffic in the morning and on my way to work when the motorist behind me lost control of her vehicle and drove into the back of my car. I was shaking, I sat there crying and then called my husband. Even though it was not my fault, I was completely devastated. However, after one call to my insurance company, they swiftly assisted with every detail.

Here are a few reasons why it is very imperative to have your car insured:

Car insurance, is not only for your protection, but it also safeguards your passengers. Being in an accident is no joke, and the passengers in your car can be hurt badly or left with lifelong conditions. If you have an accident and it is your fault and you don’t have car insurance that includes third party liability cover, you could leave a vulnerable victim without the care they need to recover from what is probably the worst ordeal of their life.

Driving without car insurance could also leave you personally liable for significant claims from third parties in the event of an accident.

Your incapability to fund the one-off cost of replacing your car, if it was stolen or written off, might leave you without transport for a considerable period of time, which is very inconvenient, and which is also the reason I always add car hire on my car insurance quotes.


Car insurance protects your car from unexpected events. Your car could be stolen, vandalized, or damaged by weather at any time. If do not keep an emergency fund that can cover the damage caused by such events, then you are at risk.

A serious collision is sometimes enough to put the uninsured on the brink of bankruptcy. Without insurance, you could lose everything, and that is not worth the risk. The best way to avoid this is to go get a car insurance quote now from King Price.

Get your car insured now. It will help you drive with greater peace of mind knowing you are protected against whatever may happen to you on the road. King Price also offers car insurance that decreases monthly as the value of your car decreases. Check out this cool graphic that explains it all.








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