Real Life Mum turns one

Real Life Mum turns One

Real Life Mum turns one


Hello everyone,

I am so excited to inform you that today, Real Life Mum turns One! Happy Birthday to me 🙂

They say that time flies when you are having fun and this is indeed true for me. As I look back on the past year, I am thankful and grateful for this opportunity to share my journey with you.

Birthdays are a way of remembering what I have learnt, looking back on what has happened and then looking forward again to see where I am going. For those of you who don’t know, I am a working mummy, my work is very analytical and I was in search of a creative outlet. I am happy to say that blogging has given me self fulfillment. In this year I have also learnt so much both on the technical and marketing side and continue to learn more and more each day. I have learnt that I can add so much value in life with the time I have on earth. 

Thankful and grateful

None of this would of been possible without the support of my husband, Brandon. He has been my supporter, motivator, critic. There are some days, he amazes me, where he just takes Keshav out over the weekend just so I can blog. Thank you baby!

The Naidu's

So many important people to Thank who have supported my blogging journey! My parents ( especially my daddy who always reads and comments on my posts)  my sisters, my in laws, my nanny, cousins, colleagues and so many friends to mention.A special thank you to all my blogging friends and support groups who have kept me inspired throughout this year. Thank you to all the business and PR companies who have believed in me and supported my journey.

Last and most importantly, thank you to you, for reading my blog, commenting, sharing and engaging over this year. Stay with me on Real Life Mum!

To celebrate this first year and share the joy and happiness I am feeling in my heart I will be running festive giveaways on my Real Life Mum. A big thank you in advance for the kind sponsors who helped to make this possible.

Please look out for daily blog posts over the next two weeks where I will be giving away amazing giveaways.

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