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Let’s Get Festive with McCain + Win!

'Tis the season to be jolly! Its that time of the year when everything is bright and festive and most of the conversation is centered around yummy food and activities. Speaking about activities I was recently invited by McCain to the True love magazine festival and it was a wonderful day with good food, great … Continue reading Let’s Get Festive with McCain + Win!


Disney Frozen 2 Giveaway

  “Yes, she will sing to those who hear. And in her song, all magic flows. But can you brave what you most fear? Can you face what the river knows?” ~ “All is Found,” “Frozen 2” The much anticipated Frozen 2 will be in cinemas in a mere few days and we are so … Continue reading Disney Frozen 2 Giveaway

8 Reasons why good nutrition and hygiene is important for kids

  Young children in the early childhood development (ECD) phase are like sponges when it comes to soaking up healthy habits that will serve them well throughout life. Children need our protection, and parents and caregivers working together to teach nutrition and hygiene knowledge is a great way to keep them safe and healthy.   Little children are very susceptible to falling ill in their first years of life, as their bodies are still building immunity to … Continue reading 8 Reasons why good nutrition and hygiene is important for kids

Caring for your child’s teeth and gums naturally

  Toothpaste is something we use everyday and yet I found it tricky to settle with a toothpaste with my little guy. He is quite fussy because of the texture and flavour but when he tasted Pure Beginnings Vanilla Mint Toothpaste he loved it and its his been his favourite for the longest time.   … Continue reading Caring for your child’s teeth and gums naturally


Chicco Baby Senses Giveaway

CHICCO BABY SENSES A child brings an all new love in to your life and all you want them to do is grow, thrive and learn. The Chicco Baby Senses toys are especially created with your child's milestones in mind. The developmental boosting and curiosity stimulation are the main priorities of this colourful and highly textured … Continue reading Chicco Baby Senses Giveaway

Win: #DropTheBox with Jordan’s Toothpaste

#DropTheBoxSA with Jordan’s Toothpastes   Saving trees is something very close to my heart. So when I came across the #DropTheBoxSA initiative that launched in October from Jordon, I was immediately attracted to it. Every year millions of trees and billions of litres of water are used to produce toothpaste boxes which serve little purpose … Continue reading Win: #DropTheBox with Jordan’s Toothpaste

Andy Griffiths Books

Andy Griffiths is a successful, award-winning children's author. His books have been bestsellers in his homeland Australia, the USA and the UK. He is the co-creator of the bestselling, award-winning Treehouse series with illustrator Terry Denton, which has been published in over thirty countries. My first thought when I looked at the covers of the … Continue reading Andy Griffiths Books

Plaka Meze for two,Real Life Mum

Review: Plaka Meze for Two Special at Menlyn

Plaka's Meze For Two Special I love Greek food because its truly authentic, and simple. We recently visited the Plaka resturant in Menlyn and enjoyed their delicious Meze for two special. This special is currently available Plaka Menlyn and Eastgate restaurants.   What is the Meze for Two Special? This special includes a generous Greek … Continue reading Review: Plaka Meze for Two Special at Menlyn